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Over 25 years, Tania Begg has developed essential skills which allow her to uncover what is impacting your business, positively and negatively.

Operating throughout Australia, with Tania as Director, Impact Improvements is a business consulting firm focussing on business growth enhancing productivity and performance by optimising the strategy of your business, your people, processes and systems.


Using advanced techniques such as the NeuroPower framework, behavioural strategies and a pivotal understanding of the fundamental needs of successful businesses, Impact Improvements works with individuals, teams and organisations to grow all aspects of your business to better achieve your short, medium and long term goals.


Impact Improvements has experience working with many different business types across a wide range of sectors.

However, what we offer isn’t for everyone… Is it for you?

I have had success. I commence my new role in early March. You change people's lives! I just wanted to tell you that. I love what you do for people. Thank you from me and my family. This will make a difference to all of us.


Offering a range of programs and workshops, Impact Improvements is here to see you and your organisation succeed. Find out what events are being held near you.


A collection of my latest thoughts that invite you to think about your personal and business success.


This weekend will see me spending time with a ‘Team’ setting the foundations for their

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