Flexible. Innovative. Optimistic. Opportunistic. Spontaneous. Sense of urgency. Engaged. Open to trying something new. Trusting. Transforming. Interaction. Collaboration. Willing to be different. Facing fears.

All of these words describe business owners or people in general who are adapting to their new environment. Business owners, in particular, who want to ensure the survival of their business.

Inflexible. Business as usual. Procrastination. Fearful. Floundering. Lost. Reactive. Resistant. Stuck. Isolated (not just in the physical way).

Those words, well, I don’t think I have to spell it out.

We live through change all the time. It is acknowledged that some change is much more drastic and stressful than others. What goes hand in hand with change is our reaction to it. Some of us will reverse, some will forge forward and others will remain static. Yes, the old fight or flight or freeze. A lot of people will be operating in this mode at the moment.

The beauty of this part of ourselves is that it provides motivation and drive. It will affect our decision making. This is an emotional response. It would be good to use that motivation and drive to make decisions in our best interests.

One thing I would say to people, especially business people, is don’t do this all on your own. Especially those who are operating solo in business. You need to speak with others in your industry and obviously outside your industry to help you through this time. I myself spoke with a friend/colleague this week who provided another way of doing something which is an integral part of our how I facilitate workshops. Brilliant! I am also grateful for the help, assistance and companionship.

For those who are forging ahead, continue to do so but make sure it is a considered strategy.

Take charge. Adapt. Survive.

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