Always Learning

Last week, I finished a coaching project with a client.  We had been meeting for some time and at this point there is room to take a break and reassess.

It is always rewarding to see someone shift from a place which isn’t serving them, or others around them, to a place where they are more confident and approach each situation as their best selves.

As rewarding as that is, this article isn’t about peddling my wares.  It is more about what I got from this interaction.

I tried some different approaches with this client, ones I hadn’t used before.  I personally found them really interesting, not only venturing into the client’s mind but also my own.

The discussions were prompters for me to take a look at myself.  How am I presenting myself to others?  How do I deal with those difficult situations?  What do I need to work on or focus on to evolve more as a person?

It’s actually really exciting!

Speaking with different clients recently, we spoke about leadership and that it is a continuous journey.  Whether we are specifically looking at leadership or personal or professional development, it should be a continuous journey until we take our last breath.

One of the keys to continuing to grow, is taking learnings from multiple avenues.  Especially those times when we think we don’t want to attend some event or training because we don’t think we will get anything from it.  There will always be something.

Over the weekend I watched the Netflix documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Surprisingly, it was very inspiring and motivating.  Arnold is a great example of someone who kept evolving, doing different things and if he didn’t know about something he would learn.  And I loved how he would ‘prepare’ for everything he did.

Learning and education are the doorway to a rich life.  Continuing to learn, especially about ourselves and who we can be, is time spent very well.

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