Change for the Better

The Federal Election on the weekend brought change in the form of a new government.  It also brought change in the variety of representatives from different parties.  As we know, it is not just the two dominant parties anymore.  There are other smaller parties rising up.

Some will see this change as the grounds for chaos.  Others see this as a real opportunity.

Diversity and inclusion have been on the agendas of businesses, especially larger organisations, for some time now.  The different schools of thought brought about by having a mixture of ages, genders, cultures, races, physical abilities, sexual orientations, and religions is invaluable.  The benefits are reflected in how innovative a diverse group of people can be and this reflects in the service and product provided to customers.

We are now seeing this in our political representatives and it reflects the reality of our community.  This is a real opportunity for the new Prime Minister to use this diverse thinking to create something wonderful.  It is the opportunity for all representatives to create an amazing legacy for all Australians.

Some lofty aspirations I will concede, but it is possible.

Although there has been the focus on diversity in some businesses, it isn’t the same for everyone.  It is quite common for us to hire people who are like us.  Sometimes we are unaware of the biases which are at play when we recruit. We also may be providing opportunities for advancement to those employees who are similar to us.  These sorts of decisions may have negative consequences.

How diverse is your business?  Does everyone look the same?  Does everyone think the same?  Is this helping your business or is it harming it?

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