Competing Demands

This year is flying past us in no amount of time.  It is a scary prospect for some.  Some of us are already booking commitments into next year and we haven’t even planned how we are going to complete everything this year.

There will be those who would be overjoyed to have this problem dependent upon their situation.  Think those still in lockdown or working in the arts, tourism, and hospitality industries in certain locations.  So, we should be thankful.

Yet we don’t just have professional working demands.  We also have personal demands on our time.  That balancing act of what to do next, how to prioritise, how to manage all the competing demands.

How do these competing demands than play out in how we show up to every commitment or demand we have?  I suppose it depends on how many demands there are, when they have to happen, what needs to be prepared before they happen, etc, etc, etc.

Do we consider these competing demands when we are dealing with others?  What impact is it having on others’ behaviour and indeed our own?  It is not an excuse for bad behaviour, but it may explain it sometimes.

In this very fast and complex world we now live in, we have often placed a lot of these competing demands on ourselves.  We haven’t set up boundaries and strategies to manage everything.  We may have added demands we really don’t want or need.

How are you managing your competing demands?  Have you ensured you have put boundaries in place to achieve what you want in the way you want?

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