Compromised or Suppressed?

It is not uncommon to see politicians avoid answering a question.  My favourite is when they continue to repeat the same words each time the journalist asks them the same question albeit sometimes different ways.  They will simply repeat, repeat, and repeat again and generally deflect the answer to somewhere or someone else.

I am sure the politicians have been coached in what they should say when speaking with the media.  Totally understandable.  Some politicians, like some people, need to be coached or gagged so they do not do too much damage.

Yet what about when politicians are asked an opinion about a subject, especially something quite controversial?  Surely, they have an opinion.  Yet the subject may be side stepped, or some will simply say it is not for them to comment.  Why not?  They are entitled to have their opinion.  I, for one, want to hear it.

The return of Barnaby Joyce to the position of Deputy Prime Minister provided such an example.  A Liberal Minister, yes, a female, was asked her opinion about Joyce’s return.  She would not answer yet her opinion was written all over her face.  Sometimes it must be so difficult to suppress what you really think and frustrating to toe the party line.

Yet most of us have faced this situation where we suppress what we are thinking and feeling.  For some of us we will feel compromised.  This is not a great situation to be in.

Neuroscience tells us when we must suppress what we are thinking and feeling it is difficult for us to perform.  The part of our brain which provides complex decision making and is logical, must work extremely hard to manage the part of our brain which reacts when we are under pressure, or stressed or feel we are under threat.  The consequence can be disastrous if allowed to persist.  Effective decision making for one is impacted.

In your team or your business, how well do Team Members discuss what they are thinking or feeling?  How well does the Team handle conflict?  Are Team Members contributing ideas or their opinions or is it consumed by too much emotion?

How is this impacting on performance?

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