Facing Reality

Last week I recorded a Quick View regarding the importance of strong, determined leadership and diplomacy to avoid all-out war between Ukraine and Russia.  I attended to the recording two days prior to the invasion.  In the Quick View I emphasised the importance of self-awareness and the role of self-awareness in developing our leadership capability and increasing our chances of achieving and success.

It could be said that there have been ‘leaders’ prior to Putin who succeeded using aggression and oppression.  For some their ‘success’ was long.  For others it was short lived.  In general, those ‘leaders’ who used aggression, oppression, and power as their leadership style, are not seen as Leaders.  History tends to view them as despots, dictators and, more often than not, evil, and unstable.  These figures in history left a legacy of what true leadership does not look like.

As I stated last week, if we are unaware of how we impact on others we can also create our own disaster.  Our own daily ‘war.’  It is not uncommon to see people become successful yet they are not great leaders.  Somehow, despite themselves, they have achieved success yet there is carnage all around them.  People do not enjoy working for them and often the ‘leaders’ themselves do not enjoy what they are doing either.  Yet the majority of their troubles start with themselves.

The outcome of the Ukraine/Russia crisis remains to be seen.  Yet for Putin, his place in history has inevitably been written.  He does not waste a moment considering how he impacts on others.  He chose war over peace and threatens the world with nuclear arms.  Russians are turning against him and do not agree with his actions.  Will he finally face a reality he did not envisage?

For the rest of us, what can we learn from this?  What do we want our reality to be especially in the leadership realm?

If you don’t understand yourself you don’t understand anybody else.’
– Nikki Giovanni

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