This weekend will see me spending time with a ‘Team’ setting the foundations for their continued success.

I have the word team in inverted commas because, although this ‘Team’ has been in place for some time and steps have been taken to ensure they are effective, some of the foundations haven’t been laid.  They are also not what is traditionally considered a team.

Teams come in all shapes, sizes, and different formulas.  It is also possible that sometimes they aren’t teams at all.  They are simply groups of people working on different things, not taking into consideration how they impact on the other people in the group.  Sometimes these disconnected groups of people are aware they are working towards a common outcome, sometimes not.

These groups of disconnected people are created because the foundations haven’t been defined.  Think onboarding and induction.  Everyone’s favourite subject.  There is still the view that an induction is having the new employee sit in front of a computer reading the policies and procedures of the business.  Sure, that is definitely a part of it but that alone is not the key to engaging that new employee in the business and setting them up for success.

One of the important keys is having a shared purpose.  Some may still refer to this as the mission but for me, I prefer the term ‘purpose’.  Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle describes this perfectly.  Everyone in the business and each team should know what the business does.  That should be pretty obvious.  Products or services.  The ‘how’ we do it may not be so obvious.  This is unique to the business and each team in how they go about delivering that product or service.  The ‘why’ is the reason the business and each team exist.  There is a story behind this.  A story the new employee needs and wants to hear.

Of course, having a shared purpose will not create a high performing team on its own.  It is a part of creating the foundations.  And past the foundations of creating a high performing team there are more key ingredients to be met and continually nurtured.

Time is an important commodity and never more important than when you are introducing a new employee.  It is also important, like the ‘Team’ I will be with this weekend, to invest the time to ensure the Team is on the right track and have what they need to succeed.

How well do you onboard and induct new employees?  Do you continue to invest time in the success of your team and business?  If your answers to these questions aren’t positive, let’s work together to find the solutions for your team and business. Contact us on

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