Great Expectations

How often do you approach a situation thinking, ‘this is going to be great!’ and then it all goes south?  By the same token, how often do you have a situation which you’re not really excited about and it turns out to be great?  It’s weird isn’t it?

Yet we do have some control over how situations may play out for us.

We have control over what we think, how we feel, what we say and what we do.  No-one else can control that.  Yet, of course, there may be some who will say that others do have control of those things.  Don’t others make us feel something, make us do something, make us say something?  Do they?  I would argue no.

We can make a decision in between our thinking about a subject and how we feel about it before we open our mouths and comment on that subject or do something about that subject.  There is a very short window to make that decision, or indeed, make that choice.

If we want a situation to have a positive outcome, how we approach it may make all the difference.  This comes back to what we can control.  It’s not to say that every situation will be easy.  There may be some hurdles to overcome.  But if we stay focused on a positive outcome and make the decisions and choices within our control to get to that positive outcome, the chances of a positive outcome are much higher than if we approach the situation negatively.

We make decisions every day and they can be very black and white.  It’s in the choices we make where we may find real gems.

Making the right choices can lead us to achieving great expectations.

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