He’s Back!… But is he?

He’s back!  Not that he was ever really gone.  I’m talking about Donald Trump of course.  He’s been on the campaign trail for others and now he has announced he will be running again for the 2024 Presidential election.

Yet Trump’s run for President is dependent upon the Republican Party endorsing him.  At this stage, it doesn’t look like that is a foregone conclusion.  Trump also, apparently,  doesn’t have the backing of certain media outlets.  Elon Musk has reinstated Trump’s Twitter account but it appears Trump is not interested in participating on that platform.

Despite the announcement of running again, there is a question in my head.  Does Trump really want to be President again?  Numerous political commentators have noted the lack of energy in Trump’s announcement.  It was quite apparent there wasn’t that drive that we have seen in the past.  It was quite lacklustre.

I think it was in his documentary, ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’, Michael Moore stated Trump ran for President as a joke.  Moore  purported it arose when Trump found out Gwen Stefani was being paid more for her part on ‘The Voice’ than he was on his show ‘The Apprentice.’

Leadership positions aren’t a joke.  Even more so when you are leading a country.

Only Trump knows his true motivations for wanting to run for President.  But is he truly motivated?  Maybe he simply wants to disrupt.

We all have different motivations for wanting to be a in a leadership position.  It is a very serious decision to make to want to step into a leadership position.  Where you spend your time, what you value and prioritise and the skill set you need change with every level of leadership you enter.  If you don’t get those things right for your level of leadership it will impact negatively.

Are you succeeding as a leader?  Are you motivated?  Are your motivations for the benefit of everyone or just you?

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