It Comes from the Top

If you are a rugby league supporter, in particular a Broncos supporter, you will be aware of the absolute turmoil that club is in.  Performance on the field has been woeful and has been going on for quite some time.

Coaches have been changed.  Three if I’m correct.  Numerous player changes.  Changes in the playing group are continuing.  Certain players have been told they are free to look elsewhere.  How much effort will those players be contributing to the performance of the ‘team’?  If anything, they will most probably be playing for themselves to win that next contract.

Despite the changes mentioned above, it is only now people who hold positions within the club, the organisation, are starting to be removed.  There is a CEO in place, however, he is an interim CEO.  It must be asked how much he will change knowing he is only there for a certain period of time.  Maybe the Board needs to be looked at?

It has also recently been announced the CEO of Sony Music Australia is stepping down after the company reportedly instigated an investigation into the workplace culture of that organisation.  Did he see the writing on the wall?

It is an old saying, ‘it comes from the top’.  It is not just a saying.  Research has shown leadership has the greatest impact on the performance of a team and therefore an organisation.  Team performance also has an impact but not to the same extent as leadership.

Many successful sporting clubs have achieved the penultimate goal of winning the premiership trophy after an overhaul of their entire club.  From top to bottom, the clubs reviewed the way they operate, what was working, what wasn’t, and every individual participated in a review demonstrating how they impacted the performance of the club.  Some examples of these clubs are the NRL’s Sydney Roosters, Geelong, and Richmond AFL clubs.

There is some courage involved in understanding what is impacting the performance of your business.  For business owners in particular, you need to be prepared to understand your role in the current state.

If there are issues within your business, are you ready to accept what it may be?  Are you ready to understand your role in it?

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