It’s Never Too Late

I recently picked up a book to read as part of my morning practice.  It is one of those books referred to as coffee table style.  It was given to me by a former work colleague when I was leaving the business we worked in together.  We had seen the business transformed for the better.  We were a part of that transformation.  However, I wasn’t leaving on happy terms.

The book is part of a series of books written by Patrick Lindsay entitled ‘It’s Never Too Late’.  My book referred to Balance.

Throughout the book there are little pieces of wisdom on basically each page with a quote underneath.  I love my quotes as you may know.

There was one stand out quote, amongst many, for me from the book.  It is:

            ‘Leadership is creating a world to which other people want to belong.’
– Gilles Pajou

It did not occur to me, until I started writing this article, that I received this book, with this quote in it, when I was leaving a role I loved, people I loved working with and a business I really found interesting.  I was leaving, firstly, because of the action of one manager and the lack of action by other managers.  Notice I used the term manager/s and not leader/s.

Leadership is a privilege.  It is also demanding and difficult.  Yet it can also be extremely rewarding.

How well are you leading?  Are you sure you are leading or are you managing?

Have you created a team and business, people want to be a part of?  If you haven’t, it’s never too late to make that happen.

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