Knowing When To Adapt

‘No person can be a great leader unless he takes genuine joy in the success of those under him.’
– W.A. Nance

I agree with this quote, although, the phrase ‘those under him’ isn’t to my liking.  While hierarchically it is the case there are those who report ‘up’ to someone, when you are truly leading, your people are ‘with’ you.  They are by your side.

A lot is being written about the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II due to her passing.  She is providing the inspiration for King Charles III to lead in his reign in the same manner as she did.  It means he is going to have to adapt and remove himself from matters which he is passionate about and for which he has been an advocate.

Maybe the late Queen Elizabeth II can provide some form of inspiration for all of us, especially those in formal leadership positions.

As we all know, the Royal Family and how it operates is set in tradition which has been around for hundreds of years.  Some of the terminology and outfits we are seeing at the moment, which come with all of the changes which must happen with the changing of the monarch, are in some respects quite archaic.  Yet there have been many changes to tradition during the late Queen’s reign.

Although the Queen remained steadfast most likely to the majority of the traditions associated with her role and position, she knew when it was appropriate to adapt, change and do things a different way.  She listened to those around her, took the advice into consideration and made a decision.  The Queen knew when to transition her messaging from radio to television, when to open Buckingham Palace to the public, when to allow royals to marry commoners and divorcees, and when to allow the public to see a more private side to herself and her family.

As leaders, we can sometimes, remain doggedly on one trajectory, thinking this will get us where we want to go.  But it won’t.  Leaders need to adapt and change for varied reasons.  Importantly, when you transition to the next level of leadership you need to adapt and change.  Most importantly, you need to adapt and change when the status quo is not working.

Are you adapting and changing your leadership style for the current environment?  Or are you sticking to the same old same old?  What impact is that having?

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