Lack of Understanding

Last week I stood in a line at the bank.  There was only one teller serving.  There were four people ahead of me in the line and the line quickly grew longer behind me.

I noticed one of the customers ahead of me looked quite agitated.  I could hear him saying ‘come on.’  It appeared he wanted to get what he needed and get out of there.  This was despite the customer ahead of him making polite conversation.

I finally got to the head of the line.  The customer before me was at the teller.  Yet nothing was working for him.  The card machine stopped working.  The teller remained calm while at the same time another customer service officer offered assistance, where possible, to those of us in the line.  Then the internet went down.  The customer with the teller was very understanding knowing it was not her fault.  The customer behind me was swearing and making comments under his breath about wanting service.  He had actually been behaving like this for some time.  Meanwhile, I am thinking, ‘it could be worse, your home could be being blown up.’

I left after the internet went down.  I had other things to do.  Which means I still need to go back.  Is it the end of the world?  No.  I understand these things happen.  It wasn’t intentional.

Customer service is an art.  Some people are outstanding at it and others, well, it really is not their game.  Bad customer service may be a moment in time or it may simply be it is not where that person should be.  It is not a strength.

For those of us receiving the service, is it not too hard for us to understand that things happen which are sometimes out of the control of those providing the service?  Although we may not understand what is happening, we can control our behaviour.

Make the effort to understand!

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