Leadership and Management

I came across the following excerpt in the book, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, in the Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind chapter.

‘Efficient management without effective leadership is, as one individual has phrased it, “like straightening deck chairs on the Titanic.”  No management success can compensate for failure in leadership.’ – p102

Although there is plenty of literature and research to support the assertion made in the excerpt above, we still see individuals spending more time in management then leadership or vice versa.  There are consequences.

If you’re in management the majority of the time, it is very difficult to engage your Team and encourage them to come on the journey with you.  If, however, you are in leadership the majority of the time, there can be chaos because there is no structure or effective systems in place.

Why people spend more time in management or leadership rather than having the balance, can be because of a myriad of reasons.  The environment they are working in, their own skill level, lack of understanding or lack of self-awareness.  Take your pick.  Or it may be all of them.

It is common to hear people speak about leadership and management as if they are one and the same.  Interchangeable.  They aren’t the same.  Leadership produces change and movement.  Management produces order and consistency.  Leadership establishes direction, aligns people, and motivates and inspires.  Management plans and budgets, organises, and provides resources, and controls and problem solves.

Management and leadership are different but they are both required.  It is the understanding of when each one is required that is the skill.

Do you know someone who doesn’t have the balance right?  What impact would having the right balance have on those around them and also on themselves?

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