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I caved! I signed on to Netflix. I’ve avoided internet entertainment services. I never had time for them. I still don’t. But it was Easter Sunday night and I was wanting to relax. And I wanted to watch ‘The Crown’.

There it is. My reason for signing on to Netflix. I’m not a monarchist. I’m just interested. It was very timely though. For here was a woman who wanted a simple life. Then, due to the actions of another, she was second in line to the throne. A personal crisis, the death of her father, made her Queen.

Princess Elizabeth had to adapt to being the Queen. Issues around her family home and family name were thrust upon her straight away. However, she made decisions and stuck to them.

It could be argued she hasn’t always made the right decisions. That can be said of all of us. The Queen wasn’t always quick to adapt to what her people needed from her and she didn’t always read the signs. She also may not have listened to advisers and there are plenty former leaders who probably wished they didn’t either.

However, the Queen has come through at this time. She has made public announcements which she normally wouldn’t do. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think her public announcement at Easter was her first ever for the Easter period. What I have heard from her announcements are words of optimism, strength, support and hope for the future. The Queen has lived through difficult times, albeit from a privileged perspective, but she has awareness and understanding of what it takes to see out this time.

Although we all want to get back to ‘normal’, whatever that may be, maybe it is important for us to focus on the process and the journey to get there. As leaders, and that is all of us, we must focus on the here and now, the people around us, how we are impacting on them as well as ourselves and them on us. We must be proactive in our leading.

How well are you leading at this time? Will it get you back to ‘normal’ intact?

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