Legacy of Allowed Behaviour

We see the USA in a situation of crisis – riots, looting and violence AGAIN. It has been seen many times with larger demonstrations such as now during the 90’s and the 60’s. What has changed? Possibly the ability of people to spread their message further than ever before and for us all to see it in real time.

The former police officer who kneeled on the neck of George Floyd and blatantly, almost defiantly, looked straight into the cameras of those recording his actions, is beyond belief. My view is that he did not believe he was doing anything wrong. He wasn’t worried that people were filming him. Did he believe there would be no recourse, no consequence, no punishment? Did he believe he was above the law because he is the law? Possibly.

It is no surprise, then, that we are informed this former police officer had a history of using force which was not acceptable. Yet here he was, still serving in the police force finally resulting in him being ‘allegedly’ part of the death of a citizen.

Regardless of what level it is or it’s severity, people who bully and harass, will continue to do so until they either work out it is wrong, or someone stops them. Why should they stop if there is no consequence? As long as they are getting away with it and getting what they want, that is all that matters.

I wrote something recently about the consequences of inaction. Behind that article was the stench of bullying and harassment. In some cases, the person being bullied and harassed doesn’t want to take action because of the consequences for them. Some fear they will lose their employment. The people in leadership positions do nothing because that is the easy way out. That has consequences too.

Actions and inactions both have a consequence. The consequences become part of the fabric of a group of people. ‘This is just the way it is’. Well it is not the way it should be, and it is not okay. When you have the President making comments which support this bullying behaviour what hope is there?

What behaviour are you allowing in your team, your business? What legacy will that leave? What hope is there?

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