As one presidency ends, another one begins.  Each presidency is reviewed and dissected however it is often stated, history will determine the performance or otherwise of this presidency.  The same could be said of any of us.  History will determine the legacy we have left.

Is legacy something you think of in your career, or indeed life?

Whether you are a business owner, in a leadership position or position of influence you will all leave a legacy behind you.  It is inevitable.  The legacy you leave behind may be negative or positive.  You will be remembered with fondness or derision.

I facilitate an exercise with individuals who are entering leadership positions.  The basis of the exercise is to recognise the qualities of leaders they worked with who the participants respected.  These leaders were labelled heroes.  We would also recognise the qualities, or lack thereof, of those in leadership positions who were not respected.  They were labelled villains.

The purpose of this exercise is to encourage those participating to embrace and emulate the qualities of the hero leader.  Something to strive for so they too would leave a positive legacy.

How often is it recognised though, how important, influential and successful certain leaders are until they are no longer there?  It may not be until years later they are recognised for the positive legacy they left.

The question then is, what legacy do you want to leave?  Do you want to leave a legacy where people have nothing good to say?  Or do you want to leave a legacy of positive influence, effective relationships and numerous successes?  Do you want to create something which people would want to return to if they could?

You will leave a legacy in every aspect of your life. What do you choose to leave as your legacy?

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