Planning Ahead

Our former Prime Minister is in the news for appointing himself to be a joint minister for five portfolios.  The reasoning for at least one of these appointments related to the possibility the incumbent minister may be incapacitated due to COVID-19.  It is actually legal for a Prime Minister to do this yet some in the Cabinet were not aware of these self-appointments.

My first thought was, ‘isn’t there someone else who could have stepped in?’  It may be stupid to ask, but was there any form of succession planning? Possibly not.

Succession planning plays a key role in any organisation.  It provides opportunities for Employees to learn, to be challenged and ultimately grow in performance and capability.  It provides opportunity for the individual who may be moving to their next role internally or leaving the organisation, the chance to share their knowledge and experience in a beneficial way.

If succession planning is done well, it means business owners or leaders within organisations can step away from the business and know the business and their team will function perfectly well without them.

Years ago, there would be a debate regarding whether workshops should be held on site or off site.  If it was held on site, there was the high probability people would get dragged into what was happening on site and they wouldn’t return.  If it was held off site, that wouldn’t be possible.  Now though, we are so accessible in so many ways, people will allow themselves to be distracted from what they are supposed to be focusing on in a workshop and get dragged into what is happening on site.  This, of course, only happens if your Employees are not empowered to act without you and effective succession planning is not in place.

Do you plan for succession in your business?  Is your business prepared for the loss of experience and knowledge – planned and unplanned?  What will be, and what is currently, the impact of not planning for succession effectively?

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