Principles of Power

Power does funny things to people. Some people will take power and do wonderful things with it. Others will maybe start out with good intentions but then become so invested in the power they have their actions are based on fulfilling their own ‘desires’, ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ at the expense of others.

We have yet another public figure who has had to resign their position due to what may or may not be judged as inappropriate actions. The guilt or otherwise is still to be determined. What goes through a person’s head when they decide to take an action? Do they not consider the consequences? Do they realise what the consequences may be but act anyway? Do they not think about whether it is appropriate to take this action considering their position? Do they think no-one will find out?

Obviously, some get away with using Power in a narcissistic manner for a long time. Think of our dictators. There are loads of them we can discuss and dissect. The consequences of those actions have been world changing let alone what it means for individuals directly affected by these people.

Some weeks ago, I participated in a personal development workshop offered by the NeuroPower Team. The Founding Partner, Peter Burow, initially spoke about our current situation at the time, as we had entered shutdown, and the research which has been undertaken into what happens in a crisis or shock to society. When whole societies become uncertain there is the opening for society to be reset by opportunistic leaders.

In a more recent workshop, Peter spoke about the importance of individuals, including leaders, being certain about their principles. In short, principles allow us to make logical decisions without emotion. However, there may be a trade-off. If a certain element is not present in a situation, then we won’t want to be part of that situation.

How many people in positions of power do you think are making decisions based on their principles? Are you making decisions based on your principles or are you making decisions based on emotion? Have you thought things through? Do you think about the consequences? Do you care?

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