Is it just me or is respect disappearing?  Once upon a time you gave respect almost without question.  Sometimes the respect wasn’t deserved and there is always the belief of some that respect must be earned.

Respect for another’s point of view is also a point for discussion.  Obviously, there are some points of view which are abhorrent and should be ignored all together and never see the light of day.  But they are out there.  Then there are points of view, possibly different from our own, which aren’t meant to offend.  They are merely there to bring another context to an issue.  Another point of view.

Recently, journalists, in particular, have been attacked on social media for the content of their tweets, etc.  Some of these attacks have become so personal the individuals in question have discontinued their social media accounts to escape the barrage of insults.

Now some may have no sympathy for journalists, and to be fair there are some journalists who definitely sway a news report to their own thinking and beliefs.  Yet there are still other journalists who do not.  They report the facts.  Yet somehow, some way, some people are able to find some little nuance and use it as a platform for abuse.  It’s pretty poor behaviour to also attack an individual’s family, including family who have passed.

What does it say about those individuals who attack others from behind the keyboard of their social media device?  Every situation is different, yet there would be some form of closed-mindedness obviously, lack of experience and, dare I say it, fear.  Most of the denigrators wouldn’t see themselves as fearful but rather fearless.  It takes courage to admit to your fears which also takes a degree of self-awareness which is possibly lacking in these individuals.

The challenge is to respect that we all have our points of view.  We are allowed to have them.  Yet if we decide to debate them, let’s do it from a place of openness and with respect.  Who knows what you may learn from each other?

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