Simply The Best

We’re on the verge of one of the biggest weekends of the year.  Grand Final weekend for two codes – AFL and NRL. Saturday afternoon we will know who the best in the AFL is while Sunday night it will be the best in the NRL. Interestingly, in both codes, it will be the first time in quite some time the Teams who finished first and second on the ladder will play in the Grand Final.

In the NRL, the fact the Panthers and Broncos were the top two Teams was cemented with their very convincing wins over their opponents in the preliminary finals.  The AFL preliminary finals were much closer.

Whichever code or Team you barrack for, it is a time of year which brings tribes of people together.  It is also a celebration of what can happen when a Team focuses on what they need to do to achieve a shared goal.  After the fanfare dies down, if we asked each individual the following questions, I wonder what their answers would be:

  • As a Team, did you all have a shared purpose?
  • Were you clear on your role and your teammates’ roles?
  • Did you have an agreed way of working together?
  • Were you able to share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings?
  • Were you aware of your individual goals and team goals?
  • Were you prepared to go the extra mile for the Team?
  • Were individual strengths used?
  • Did the Team learn from each game?
  • Did the Team have hope you could achieve your end game?

Even for the Teams which will not be the victors these questions are relevant.

Both Teams will be found in the history books.  One the winner and one the loser.  That’s life.

Every day there are ‘Teams’ in businesses all over the country ‘playing’ every day, not just once a week.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.  When they focus on what makes a Team the best, they will win more than they lose.

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