Starting Anew

Happy New Year everyone!  We are at the starting line again.

How many of you have made New Year’s resolutions?  I am going to do more of this, less of that.  I will give up this and start that.  I will be a better person.  All good intentions.  But how many people stick to and achieve these resolutions or goals?  Apparently, the percentage is quite low.

John F. Kennedy once said, ‘Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.’  This is definitely true.  There is also another element which must be present in order for you to achieve your resolutions or goals.


Daniel Goleman defines Self-Awareness very simply.  Goleman describes it as ‘the ability to monitor our inner world – our thoughts and feelings.’  Once we become aware of our inner thoughts and feelings we then have the ability to use this knowledge to our advantage.  Sounds simple right?

I have written before about people who have no interest at all in knowing what is going on inside themselves and the affect they have on those around them.  Some find it too scary to face things that, possibly, they may not like or find uncomfortable.  They may not want to have their beliefs challenged.

The reality is, there is so much to gain from increasing your Self-Awareness.

Many years ago, whilst participating in training for a Self-Awareness assessment I am accredited to deliver, the trainer relayed to us a story of a participant in the assessment.  The participant’s results were extremely negative.  The irony is the participant was on the eve of retiring and was staring at all the reasons why he had not been able to achieve everything he wanted to achieve.  He was devastated.

You see, once we become aware of our thoughts and feelings, and how they translate into our behaviour, depending on the environment, we become aware of what we need to do ourselves to have positive outcomes.  Who wouldn’t want to know that?

So, if you make New Year’s resolutions, or you simply intend to set some goals for yourself, how about you include getting to know yourself better and what you need to change in order to be a much more integrated person living in your nobility?

Are you up to the challenge?

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