The New World Order

I was indecisive about what to write about today. Being rational or transparent. Or the innovative ways people are thinking of operating and living in this uncertain time. Leadership would be a no brainer. It’s an interesting time and demonstrates how we deal with uncertainty and change differently. Now let’s see how much of that I can get into this word limited article.

Last week, I received a text message from my health fund one morning advising they were unable to receive calls. I wasn’t wanting to contact them but I appreciated the communication. Later that afternoon I received another text message advising they were still experiencing technical difficulties. Then I got an email the next morning advising the difficulties had not been resolved. I was impressed with the communication and updates, the clarity and transparency. I don’t recall them advising when they were back online though.

This is a minor issue to what is happening with The Virus. However, despite all the reporting that was happening around The Virus, a few weeks ago I googled the symptoms as I wasn’t aware of what they were. Maybe I missed them in the reporting although the information around the symptoms has evolved and changed.

I won’t get started about the whole toilet paper issue. I don’t care what experts say, you don’t need to taser people who are behaving rationally. And we won’t talk about planning ahead…

On a positive note, the innovation and flexibility people are demonstrating is exciting. Not everything can be virtual but there are ways and means. Even in this virtual world, we still need people. We still need to be a tribe. It’s a word bandied about a lot now, tribe, but we are social beings. We still need each other. We still need community.

There will be people who will naturally step forward and take on the leadership role. We can all do that in our own way. Maybe the challenge during this time is to be the best version of ourselves. Or at the very least reflect on what we need to improve to be our best version.

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