The Path to Trust and Letting Go

‘Hire the best people, trust them, and then delegate with abandon.’
– Frank Vizzare

The quote above appears so simple.  Yet, it doesn’t always work out this way.

Let’s start at the end.  Delegate with abandon.  It can take a long time, if ever, for individuals to get to this position.  Too often people want to hold on to what they like doing, shouldn’t be doing, and will not pass it to the appropriate person.  In doing this, they are not providing opportunities for their direct reports to learn and grow.  They are not providing themselves with the room to focus on the right aspects of their position.

Some of us delegate, yet we micromanage the person we have delegated to not letting them try their way to achieve the outcome.  Or we do delegate and then don’t pay attention to whether the person we have delegated to is making progress.  We don’t check in to see whether they need any assistance with the task.  I have been guilty of both and paid the price.  How about you?

Then there is this notion of trusting those we work with.  It is not unusual for me to work with people who have trouble trusting their employees because of what a previous employee did.  Yet, what these people are ignoring is that they played some part in this outcome.  Just because it happened with a previous employee does not mean it will happen again if we do things differently.

The reality is, we don’t always truly know those we work with.  We don’t always know ourselves truly.  Yet we can go a long way to understanding those we work with if we invest some time and effort.

Then, where it all begins.  Hiring the best people.  If I had $100 for every time someone has hired a person because they know them – especially personally, someone they know knows them, they are cheaper to hire, or no thorough process was utilised to hire based on merit and ‘fit’, I would have a nice little nest egg to play with.  It also doesn’t happen once, it happens multiple times which in turns costs the business money and time.

It is possible to hire the best people, trust them and then delegate with abandon.  To do this you will need effective processes and systems and importantly you will be meeting the social needs we as social beings require met.

Are you hiring the best people?  Do you trust them?  Can you delegate with abandon?  If not, why not?

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