The Real Leader?

The weekend saw me finally watching the Wham! documentary movie.  Yes I was one of those 12 year old girls who loved George and Andrew but George was always my favourite.  So yes, I loved the movie.

During those heady days of Wham!’s success, which was only four years, I thought Andrew was simply along for the ride.  He played guitar, maybe, and didn’t contribute much else.  It was all George.  I don’t think I was the only one who thought that.  There would have been others who thought the same, especially the UK tabloid press.

However, the movie made me see the duo differently.

I was aware George was a very insecure, quiet young boy.  An introvert.  What I wasn’t aware of, on the other hand, was the gregarious and outgoing nature of Andrew.  An extrovert who didn’t mind putting on a show even at a young age.

The movie detailed Andrew’s contribution was much more than standing on stage looking pretty and possibly playing guitar.  Andrew contributed to the process of writing their very early hits and lead the direction of their style, how they would present themselves, impacting the fashion trends of millions around the world.

The most surprising detail for me, was Wham! would possibly not have existed if it weren’t for Andrew.  It was Andrew who led the way and told George, ‘we are starting a band’.  George followed, as he followed Andrew in many other areas of life.  Andrew provided the platform, the stage if you will, to launch one of the most successful and talented solo performers the world has seen.  Without Andrew, there may have been no George Michael.

Leadership comes in many forms.  Formal and informal.  Yet leadership which comes with no accolades, except the pure joy of seeing someone else reach their potential and more, must be one of the most satisfying.  Providing the opportunities for someone to grow and experience situations which enhance their talent and the genius they bring to others is a gift.  Allowing others to shine.

Andrew stepped out of the limelight and George went onto superstardom, albeit with a few stumbles along the way.

Do you step out of the limelight and let others shine?  If you are a leader, and you are not doing this, why not?  What stands in your way?

Do you want to be the one who stops others succeeding?  Or do you want to be the one others thank for allowing them to shine?

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