The ‘Right’ Focus

Today, Thursday 18 March, is National Close the Gap Day.  The day highlights the ‘gaps’ our indigenous brothers and sisters still experience in modern day Australia.  This year’s theme is focussing on ‘health equality as a fundamental right for all’ (ANTaR).

Ironically, Saturday 20 March is the International Day of Happiness.  The International Day of Happiness has been celebrated since 2013 by the United Nations.  It is simply a day to be happy.  The theme this year is to ‘Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind’ in response to the Covid pandemic.  It is not only a day to focus on looking after ourselves but also one another (

As we all know the reality is, we are still a long way from closing the gap for all our First Nations People.  There have been slight improvements but still a long way to go.  There are lots of reports but is there an actual strategy and a plan being followed?  Is there a real focus on it?  If there is a strategy and a plan have responsibilities been allocated appropriately?

This focus on strategy and developing and implementing a plan is front of mind for me as I am travelling around Central and North Queensland speaking with Business Owners about their busines strategy for which they need to develop a plan and importantly implement the plan.  Business Owners need to focus on the actions which support their Purpose, Vision, Goals and Values to achieve success.  They need to recognise and close gaps.  Does this not lead to happiness?

Sure, closing the gap for our First Nations People is a much bigger gap and we are looking at closing the gap on over 200 years of a lack of focus.  I am a supporter of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.  Getting the true reality from those who it affects most and who understand it, is an advantage.

By the same token Business Owners who utilise the ideas and strengths of their Employees can only benefit too.

Pretty simple steps really so the majority can be happy.

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