Think of Your Audience

It appears I am writing about issues of interest in the AFL a bit lately.  That is because the AFL is providing such interesting material to write about.

Last week was the Tex Walker racial slur apology recording.  In some respects, it really didn’t hit the mark and caused quite a deal of conversation.

What Walker did was wrong, and he has acknowledged that.  He had already made a written apology.  Who decided he should record his apology and why is another cause for debate.  It did look scripted, however, sometimes, we do need a script.  In my view, before he mentioned he would ‘lean’ on Robbie Young and the AFL, he probably had said enough.  Sometimes we need to know when to stop.  When we have gotten our message across.

As for Robbie Young, it is a credit to him he offered to sit with Walker.  However, the sad reality is, our First Nations people have been offering to sit with non-Indigenous Australians for over 200 years.  They’ve been way to polite about this ongoing racial vilification.  He should have spoken during that recording too.

When I write these articles, or record my views, I do think about my audience.  I don’t put my thoughts and views out there to offend.  However, I am not thinking about whether the audience will agree with me or not.  Rather, I am wanting to give my audience something to think about.  Maybe broaden their thinking or encourage them to do something differently to get a better result.

Tex Walker has led his team through some very dark days, and he led them well.  Yet in this instance, he did not think about his audience when he made the racial slur, and he did not think about how this recording would be viewed.  He may well have been advised to do the recording.  Ironically the AFL has been at the forefront in the sporting world regarding reconciliation.

Do you think about your audience when communicating your message?  Do you think about how your message will be received and the consequences it may have?

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