What’s Next?

The call is on for businesses to start looking at what 2024 will be for them.  What do you want to achieve?  Where do you want to be?  What will you be working on?

Raising the need to focus and look to the future, has reminded me of my own need to look at where I want to be, not only next year, but two years after that.

It’s like the mechanic analogy.  A mechanic spends all their time working on their customers’ cars and they don’t work on their own.  Although I have a strategy day every month for my own business, which includes reviewing my business/action plan, I hadn’t reviewed my business plan in full for some time.  No.  I’m not going to share how long.

But at least I’m doing something right?

For some, there is the view, nobody wants to start anything now.  We are just too busy getting what needs to be done before the festive season break.  But what happens when we come back to work at the start of the new year?  Don’t we all just get straight back into it?  Do we take the time to think about what our focus is for the year?

Some people may have the discipline to start the new year with a planning day.  Others will just get on with the day to day.  But could there be something in planning now so you are ready for the new year?  Maybe we need to feel the reality of where we are at now so we can change that in the new year.  The holidays may help us forget.

Setting goals and business planning isn’t always fun.  In fact, I used to think it was quite tedious until I changed how I do it.

In less than half a day you could have your top five focus areas for the future and their five high level actions to make it happen.  And if you need someone to take the pressure off you and do the heavy lifting to create your future let us know.

Start 2024 on the front foot rather than chasing your tail.

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