Why and How is This Still Happening?

The last time I wrote about a mining fatality it was January 2020.  It had taken just 12 days into the new year for a miner to be killed on site.  But it doesn’t really matter when it is in the year, this news is always upsetting.  You wonder if you know the person.  And you shake your head that it has happened again.

When I wrote that last article I mentioned that when I had written about mine safety and the fatalities previously, the articles didn’t seem to create much interaction.  But that one did.  There were a number of interactions and comments.  I had people contact me privately about their concerns.  A number of those people had been in and around mining for a very long time.

I, like so many, have a vested interest in seeing mine workers return home safely from their ‘swing’.  My partner has been in mining for close to 40 years and his safety, from the day he leaves home to the day he returns, is upper most in my mind.

The research and resources are available to us as to why fatalities occur.  Yet they are still happening.  I saw a comment that high potential incidents and incidents lead to fatalities.  That is absolutely true.  Yet it goes all the way back to the recordable injuries, near misses and hazards.  When you look at the numbers of incidents, injuries, near misses and hazards which lead to a fatality, the question has to be asked.  Why didn’t we see this coming?

Unfortunately, that won’t bring this man back or the other 439 people who have lost their lives in mining in Queensland.  Something has to change.  When will that happen?

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